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Mallory Murphy

Project Manager
ThinkParallax, United States

"I chose Websigma because we received great customer service from the first inquiry, the team is very professional, the work agreement is reassuring, and the testimonials on the website were good. Overall, a very professional experience, great process, and really friendly and committed team."

"Quite fun to work with, exactly understands our requirements and gives a wonderful product.We are very satisfied with the work and communication with the team. Our project required a large amount of industry specific methodology and algorithms to be implemented into our new software, which the team handled well."

Sam Randoll

Director of Operations
Digital-i Ltd., United Kingdom

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Shibil Kaloor

Design Kalor,UAE
Managing Director, T-Shirt Design Company

"I’ve had messy experiences with others and I find Websigma very comfortable and easy to work with. I’m not technical, and I always had problems getting my idea across with the people I contacted, but Websigma understood me very quickly."

"As someone who is trained in project management, I am always impressed by Websigma's thorough and clear estimatesI would highly recommend to Websigma because they deliver high-quality work and always deliver on schedule. No matter the size of the project, I can rely on their team to help me get the work done."

Lindsay Majane

Account Supervisor
Forge Worldwide, United States

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Oliver Farago

Chief Technology Officer
M7 Real Estate Ltd., United Kingdom

"I am really happy to work with Websigma. The project manager as a single point of contact is doing great job in bringing all things together. The QA Automation team is really helpful in support of regular delivery process of the product."

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